Contributing to Block Commons

Block Commons is open for contributions that fit with the current projects and themes.

  • Crypto Governance Research is open for contributions through the GitHub repository, but it’s probably worth reaching out before starting anything major because the questions are still being refined.

  • The Politeia Decision Support project hosts content that aims to inform Decred stakeholders about an open Politeia proposal.

  • Block Commons also welcomes articles that address some aspect of the “crypto commons” - anything to do with the governance, funding or usage of crypto common pool resources.

Block Commons is a static site built with Hugo, everything needed to reproduce the website is in the Block Commons repository.

The content folder is where the content lives. Creating a new item of content is a case of making a new sub-folder (e.g. in /content/publication for Research Reports or /content/post/ for Articles) and putting an file within that subfolder that contains the text of the piece plus some “front matter” like a title and metadata. Have a look at how existing content is represented in these files and match that, is probably the easiest way to get started.

There are also folders and files for author profiles which would be created for a new author.

If you would like to submit something, feel free to reach out on twitter or via email (richard at block commons dot red).