Decentralized Autonomous Funding of Blockchain Projects

This post considers the funding of blockchain projects through treasuries owned and operated by stakeholders. Specifically, it re-visits the Dash Treasury DAO and its support services, and considers what Decred can learn from this example ahead of the upcoming launch of Politeia. It also sets out some broad differences between the approaches of Dash and Decred, and considers how autonomous funding fits with commons based peer production. How are cryptocurrency projects funded?

Observations of the Dash Treasury DAO

This post considers DASH’s treasury model and history of proposal voting. Relevant data and R code are in this github repository. This post is structured as follows: Introduction to Dash and the Treasury DAO Review of Treasury Proposals from August 2015 — January 2018 Summary of relevant points for decentralized governance of development funds DASH was I think the first cryptocurrency to award a portion of the block reward to a fund which is administered by a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) for the purpose of developing and promoting the project.